Welcome to the first Sharefolder Fantasy Exhibition

Over a period of 8 weeks in early 2022, anyone and everyone worldwide could submit an image of a vase. A vase could be a container for holding flowers or for decoration: this could be anything from the exhaust on your car, to an open book, or a glass of water.

Please enjoy 203 vases from 12 countries.

Click on an image of a vase for closer inspection

This exhibition was part of Melbourne Design Week 2022

Sharefolder Fantasy is a new exhibition by Australian designer Dale Hardiman and American artist and designer Mark Dineen. 

With this project we are fighting the impulse to create defined, material objects in the well-trodden fashion of artists and designers. Instead we are soliciting participants to build uncurated work on their own terms.

At the heart of the project is a what Dale and Mark envision as a global scale manufacturing centre composed of, and controlled by, of all the participants in the project. This manufacturing centre is both instantaneously materialised and totally decentralised. It is one that is obedient to the individual instead of the inverse. It also almost entirely eliminates the need for geographical square footage by prioritizing digital communication to connect its stakeholders and distribute its products. In this way, the project’s broadest reach explores the implications of technology, labor, and de-structured hierarchies on domestic expressions of self.

Underpinning the exhibition is a humanistic outlook on the state of the world, in spite of the worst consequences of global marketplaces. Consequences which we have witnessed, but also readily accepted, in the pursuit of more. More stuff, more space, more people, more power, more everything. This project rejects the production standards and instant availability of consumer culture in order to invite expression and radical inclusivity.

We hope to provide both participants and audiences an opportunity to engage work from around the world and observe the inflections of local materials, cultures, and customs on that work.

Special Thanks to

Garland Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Design Anthology, Green Magazine, InDesign, Crafts Council UK, Australian Wood Review, The Designers Institute of New Zealand, Local Peoples, Australian Design Centre, Craft + Design Institute South Africa, Design Institute of Australia, Design Tasmania, RMIT University, Craft ACT, National Gallery of Victoria, Neil Hugh Office, and the Center for Artists’ Books and Inclusive Narratives at Colorado State University.


This event was part of Melbourne Design Week 2022, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.